Chit Chat – 10 August

Greenside guests Alex, Kefiloe, Colin and Tsatsi were thrown in at the deep end of an unusual toastmaster’s evening and surprised us all with how well they could swim! Yvette planned an interesting session of debate around feminism and wrapped it up neatly with a statement that encompassed it all: “Previously the focus has been […]

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Chit Chat – 13 July 2016

Solstice was the theme for this memorable Toastmasters meeting. Not only was a new committee inducted, speeches made and tributes given but Greenside Toastmasters, now President’s Distinguished, also celebrated its 5th birthday. Jocelyn, our Toastmaster for the evening, ably guided the formalities for Joke of the evening by Ian to induction of the new committee […]

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Club International Speech and Speech Evaluation Contest

Greenside participated in the Club International Speech and Speech Evaluation Contests on the 21st March 2016 held at Johannesburg Toastmasters Club with a prepared, inspirational and motivational speech. Here Mari-Louise Nawrattel and George Hensley show off their certificates for participating in the evaluator and speech categories respectively.

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TV Quiz

Come to the TV Quiz meeting on the 24 February 2016 (Wednesday) at 19:00. At the usual venue (Parkview Golf Club). Be there to have some fun and games with the two teams, namely Cougar and the Toy Boys and the Green team,  taking part. Each Team will have one Audience member to consult/’phone a […]

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A Speech and Table Topics

Happy new year! 2015 is here and this was our first meeting for the year. One speech and a number of table topics (impromptu speeches) made this meeting fun. Geoffrey did a speech about a 4×4 adventure and then the table topics started. Tim took control of the table topics session and everyone was able […]

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Club Contest

Date: 23 April 2014 19:00 Greenside Toastmasters International & Evaluation Speech Contest is happening. Join us for the best speakers at Greenside Toastmasters. The Contest will be held at our new venue – Parkview Golf Course. The International speech contest consists of a 5-7 min prepared speech and the impromptu speech contest consists of an […]

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Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014! Our first meeting of the year was all about Resolutions. WORD OF THE DAY: RESOLUTION. Make it your resolution to join Greenside Toastmasters to see what it’s all about. Improving communication and leadership skills helps you grow as a person and the confidence you gain is useful in all facets of […]

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Humorous & Impromptu Speech Contest 2013

Save the date: 28 August 2013 19:00 Greenside Toastmasters Humorous & Impromptu Speech Contest is happening. We would be delighted if you joined us for an evening of ‘belly-aching-tears-rollin’-down-the-cheeks-laughter’! The Contest will be held at The Old Bones Room, Pirates Sports Club, 25 Braeside Road, Greenside. The Humorous contest consists of a 5-7 min prepared humorous speech […]

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