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TV Quiz

Come to the TV Quiz meeting on the 24 February 2016 (Wednesday) at 19:00. At the usual venue (Parkview Golf Club). Be there to have some fun and games with the two teams, namely Cougar and the Toy Boys and the Green team,  taking part. Each Team will have one Audience member to consult/’phone a […]

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A Speech and Table Topics

Happy new year! 2015 is here and this was our first meeting for the year. One speech and a number of table topics (impromptu speeches) made this meeting fun. Geoffrey did a speech about a 4×4 adventure and then the table topics started. Tim took control of the table topics session and everyone was able […]

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Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014! Our first meeting of the year was all about Resolutions. WORD OF THE DAY: RESOLUTION. Make it your resolution to join Greenside Toastmasters to see what it’s all about. Improving communication and leadership skills helps you grow as a person and the confidence you gain is useful in all facets of […]

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Cracking Fire

A crackling fire in the hearth, a glass of red or an ‘ice-cold’ one kept the chills at bay while the Toastmasters of Greenside got together for yet another memorable meeting (24 July 2013)! We had four speeches; Enid spoke about handling pain, Jono explained how to start a band, Goran used gestures in his […]

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15 May Meeting

The theme was ‘Mothers’ and man was this a fun and entertaining toastmasters meeting. We had a packed agenda with 5 prepared speeches from Jono, Ian, Sarah, Bob, Gorin and Vanessa. The speeches included a wide variety of ideas and stories. Jono did his first speech at the club about the journey he took to […]

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International and Evaluation Speech Contest

On Wednesday Night we had our International and Evaluation Speech Contest at the club. The International speech contest was a battle between Nadiem, talking about letting go of the past and Julie taking about the four letter word ‘failure’. Nadiem won the speech contest which is a 5-7min speech on any topic. In the evaluation […]

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Meeting 13 Feb

The day before Valentine’s day; even so we were all in good spirits for the meeting. We managed through some last minute program changes to have a successful meeting. Navie took us through the meeting giving us quotes used throughout the years all about love and Valentine’s day. Speeches included Bob with his first speech […]

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Opinions Evening, Christmas Meeting

Its the last meeting of the year. If anyone is still around join us for another Opinions Evening! We though we would sake things up a bit with a different venue, Old Parks. Wednesday, 12 December 2012, 19:00 – 21:00 Get over her and have some fun! R30 entry per person,  Finger food will be served. […]

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007 meeting

After the toast from Gene, with the bar’s attempt at a Martini for the bond themed meeting (no olive and in a wine glass). We kicked off the meeting with four speeches. Navie – How to train your dragons Jinhoa – What you must know about Chinese people in Africa Christopher – How to cook my favourite […]

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