About us

At Greenside Toastmaster’s Club you will find the welcome warm, the environment comfortable and inviting and a distinct leaning towards the inspirational in our speeches. Not that we don’t offer everything in between from humour to powerful speeches that will change your pre-conceived ideas!  This club is made up of a group of friendly members with a genuine interest in one another’s progress and if that is what you’re looking for, Greenside Toastmasters is for you.

Held in the Parkview Golf Club means that dinner is always available if you come early and the pub is a mere stone’s throw away from our meeting room.

The Club was originally started by Erich Viedge and Dean Abrahams as there were no clubs meeting on a Wednesday in the area at that time. Dean took up the role of President with Erich serving as VPE.  Quniton Williams, Geoff Hunt, Peter Ahmad, Sue McAvoy and Nice Columbine  joined shortly thereafter and were all drafted into the committee.

Pirates was chosen as the venue for its centrality but not for its comfort! The club met in a room called the “Old Bones Room” where lights and tidiness often left much to be desired. These minor tribulations gave the club a relaxed, humorous vibe which has carried through to the meetings today. The club grew to include Jack Hartman and Julie Filmer who developed the club to a  Distinguished standing during her tenure. Thereafter, under Ian Campbell’s  presidency , the club achieved its Presidents’ Distinguished status , which it currently holds.

Greenside Toastmasters Club is in District 74 which is in Region 11.

Our Team

The 2016/17 team is in place and ready to take on the challenge of making our club and its members great!

President – Yvette Nicol
– Ian Campbell
VPE – Carina Szabo
VPM – Rhyn Promnitz
SAA – George Hensley
– Dianne Fletcher
– Jocelyn Newmarch
Treasurer – Mari-Louise Nawrattel


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