A Speech and Table Topics

Happy new year! 2015 is here and this was our first meeting for the year.

One speech and a number of table topics (impromptu speeches) made this meeting fun. Geoffrey did a speech about a 4×4 adventure and then the table topics started.

Tim took control of the table topics session and everyone was able to take part. Here are some of the topics and what the speakers came up with:

  • New Year’s Resolutions
    • Have a ‘Fantastic Year’
  • Santa’s New Year’s Resolutions
    • Loose weight
  • Best joke of 2014
    • There is a toilet, the guy coming out is Finnish and the guy coming in is Russian
  • Million Rand for a New Year’s Party
    • Champaign Jacuzzi
  • Most boring New Year’s Resolution
    • Party with folks, then we watched home movies
  • What I learnt from last year
    • Alien plants we need to look out and get rid of them
  • New political party for 2015

Next meeting 28 Jan 15 come through to a Evaluation Workshop where experienced Toastmasters will show you how to evaluate speeches well. This skill helps improve your speeches and helps in day to day life giving feedback to colleagues.

Jono our president as you know has moved on to a scholarship in New Zealand, so this meeting we voted in Ian as our new President. Well done Ian I’m sure the you will do a great job!

Our next committee meeting is next week 21 Jan 14 18:30 at Park View Golf Club. Come through if you want to help out on the committee.

See you all there!

Old guys won the table topics session


Old guys came out on top winning table topics with their tails
Good amount of people


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