Meeting 13 Feb

The day before Valentine’s day; even so we were all in good spirits for the meeting. We managed through some last minute program changes to have a successful meeting. Navie took us through the meeting giving us quotes used throughout the years all about love and Valentine’s day. Speeches included Bob with his first speech at the club, Colin’s last speech of the competent communicator manual and Geoffrey giving an educational about some strategies you can use when giving an impromptu speech.
Table topics was different when Gert asked us to write down the worst job we could think of and pass it onto the person sitting next to us. There were a few of us that volunteered to talk about these awful jobs; it was quite fun.
We adjusted the program with the dates of the last time our members gave their last speech.
Catch you at the next meeting, lets try do more prepared speeches!
Forgot to take pictures sorry.


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