007 meeting

After the toast from Gene, with the bar’s attempt at a Martini for the bond themed meeting (no olive and in a wine glass). We kicked off the meeting with four speeches.

Navie – How to train your dragons
Jinhoa – What you must know about Chinese people in Africa
Christopher – How to cook my favourite meal (impromptu)
Nadiem – Feed the right snake (visitor from the bacon and egg club)
Vannesa handled table topics all about secret agents. Results included secret agents have busy mornings just like us, James bond needs lots of deodorant to keep his suits pit stained free, a secret agent’s favorite weapon is a fly swat? And something about a close, glue, friendship, complete or strong bond (‘bond’ was the word of the day).

Some more bond trivia from Geoffrey and some useful evaluations, awards were handed out.
Nadiem – Best speaker
Jinhoa – Best table topics
Erich – Best evaluation

Keep an eye out for details about the last meeting for the year. Opinions evening!


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